About SleepBelt

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How long can I use the SleepBelt supprt with my baby?

A) Because SleepBelt is not a weight-bearing product, there is no restriction. Your child will outgrow the product developmentally before they outgrow it physically; at approx. 3-4 months, baby will become too squirmy for skin-to-skin, at which point you can use it to secure baby forward-facing on your lap or as a gentle restraint elsewhere (Always be alert & aware and NEVER leave baby unattended while using your SleepBelt).

2) How does sizing work?

A) Fit the belt to mom/dad - It should fit snugly around the caregiver, and will stretch to hug baby (even twins!). If you are pregnant and unsure of your post-baby size, we recommend you measure above your belly, around your rib cage and order based on that measurement. As a loose guideline, we suggest S/P for petite women, M/M for an average build, and L/G for plus-sized parents. If in doubt, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further guidance.

3) Can i wash it?

A) Yes! The SleepBelt product is made from athletic material, so treat it the same as you would your favourite yoga pants. Make sure you bind the velcro prior to washing so it doesn't catch your other garments. Also - we recommend washing it before initial use (machine was cold)... just like your baby's clothing! Lay flat to dry.

4) Is it safe for preemies?

A) Yes. The SleepBelt support is used in NICUs across North America. It is soft and gentle, yes strong enough to hug your wee one. The simple design doesn't interfere with medical equipment, and because it's not a weight-bearing/carrying product, it is appropriate even for babies not yet cleared for traditional babywearing.

5) What about us c-section mamas?

A) Yes. You can position your SleepBelt support comfortably above your incision and it will keep baby snug to your chest. The SleepBelt support is used in many operating rooms to facilitate skin-to-skin immediately after a caesarean, thanks to the simple, adjustable and easy-to-fasten design.

6) It's called “SleepBelt”... Can I sleep with it on?

A) We called it SleepBelt because it literally belts your sleeping baby to you :) As the manufacturer, we recommend you remain alert and aware when using your SleepBelt.

7) What is it made out of? Is it organic?

A) It's an athletic fabric called Nylon Supplex; it is a synthetic material. We have yet to come across an organic fabric that offers the strong-but-soft stretch that makes SleepBelt so special... when we do, we hope to offer this version to consumers as well.

8) Who recommends SleepBelt?

A) The SleepBelt support is recommended by La Leche League International in their book "Sweet Sleep: Nighttime and Naptime Strategies for the Breastfeeding Family" (released July 2014). It is used in hospitals in Canada and the USA - in the NICU, the OR, and with full term babies. It is often demonstrated and discussed in breastfeeding classes, babywearing workshops, and prenatal sessions. We also have a number of Midwives, Doulas, Lactation Consultants and Sleep Consultants who recommend the SleepBelt support to their clients. Some of our testimonials can be found here.

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