About SleepBelt


Our model is wearing a shirt for modesty; the SleepBelt can be worn with or without clothing.

SleepBelt is made of Supplex & Velcro

To Wash: Bind Velcro and machine wash cold.  Lay flat to dry.

  • 1


    Wrap the SleepBelt around your waist…

  • 2


    …it should be snug, with the Velcro panels secured on your backside.

  • 3


    With Baby resting on your chest, gently stretch and pull up the SleepBelt, making sure it hugs Baby’s bottom and torso.

  • 4


    Take some YOU time: Enjoy your tablet, smart phone or a book while you snuggle your baby.

  • 5


    To remove baby to transfer to crib, simply stretch and slide the SleepBelt down to your waist, off of baby entirely.

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